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Word Book

Brazilian Holocaust | Word Book

For the release of this documentary, Biota was in charge of producing a promo that addressed a critical issue such as genocide in a different way.

Its highly emotional content needed a striking graphic concept and design. We kicked off by exploring some darker visual styles, but finally leaned towards a more naive look, thus focusing on strengthening the message.

The 2D animation originally suggested was enriched with 3D elements that we proposed to raise the overall production value. We also made several graphic adaptations since it would be delivered in 3 languages.

This piece was awarded the Promax Latin America and New York Festivals Awards as Animation Promo in 2017.

TV promo


Cable company

Promotional content


For a documentary


Direction, design, 2D traditional + Cutout + 3D animation


Promax Latin America | New York Festivals

Client: HBO
Agency: Bendito Labs
Audio: Pablo Estacio