Samsung Galaxy Tab

Launch event

Launch event

For the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Venezuela, we were asked to make a video mapping to project images of the brand and its new device.

We were responsible of the creativity, design, and production of a video that would be projected on an irregular structure of 9 meters high that we proposed for the event.

The main contribution we made to the piece was creating a story with the adventures of a dynamic family of animated characters, travelling through a rich Android world, which became a differential element capitalized by the brand at that time.

More than a projection

This video not only opened the doors to develop other pieces related to the event and  further adaptations to other media such as cinema, but it was the beginning of a relationship with the client that allowed us to collaborate in launch campaigns of other products where Biota had total creative and execution control of the pieces.

Video mapping

Tech company | Mobile

Launch video


Creativity Concept

Design | animation

Client: Samsung Venezuela
Agency: Supereventos