Animated corporate videos for internal communications (II)

Have you already read the first part of our post? If you have, you might still have a few pending questions about the usability and structure of animated corporate videos

How will animated corporate videos help me improve the internal communications of my team?

Effective internal communications are essential for the correct operation of any company. From a small, growing entrepreneurial project, to a multinational with a proven reputation.

That’s why the message should always be precise, transparent, and, above all, capable of motivating employees to take action. Good internal communications require emotion, identification, and participation, and audiovisual contents are the ideal medium for it.

A good video can make us laugh, reflect, cry, anger…and it also facilitates the understanding and assimilation of all sorts of information.

A video is capable of transmitting a message clearly, and with all the specificity it requires. Also, this type of content can be revised as many times as the recipients need. They just have to press a button!

It’s easy to forget, either partially or completely, what we say during a meeting. If we’re tired, our concentration levels diminish, and our ability to retain information reduces considerably.
Internal communications transmitted through animated corporate videos are more successful. And results won’t take long to reveal it. A motivated, better-prepared employee will identify more with its company and fare better, something the clients will notice as well.

What types of videos can I create?

Well, what type of message do you need your employees to receive?

How about a Christmassy salutation? Or something more complex, like presenting the results of a process in a dynamic and entertaining way. How about training them in how to use a tool, or incorporating a new process into their workflow?

Why not!

It’s a matter of defining the tone and type of animated corporate video that will better fit your idea. Of course, without pushing your company culture aside, nor overwhelming or confusing your audience.

That’s why an experienced audiovisual producer will be a trusty ally by helping you define the proper characteristics that will fit your objectives. At the same time, they will make sure the piece fulfills your needs and expectations in every stage of its development.

A case study

Nowadays, taking care of our planet is a subject that cannot be taken lightly. Big companies need to adapt to these changes. It’s very likely that in the future their brand guidelines will need to include a chapter that deals with how to care for our natural resources.

Due to this fact, our client decided to get on top of things by changing the way their lunchroom operates. To communicate it, they decided to look for something practical and friendly.  

But how? A mass email? Meetings with all the employees of each department?

After some careful consideration of all the alternatives, they decided to try animated corporate videos. Why? Because they can be shared massively through digital mediums, and also be played on a loop at their headquarters. 

Our creative team used a combination of motion graphics and studio photography. They managed to convey in 45 seconds the why and how of the client’s new ecological initiative. A kitchenware kit that will significantly reduce the company’s impact in nature.

The results have been more than favorable!

Since its publication, the employees have instantly manifested their support to the project, and their delight with the video.

That is the essence of a good corporate video, and we loved being part of it!

In a nutshell…

Animated videos are not meant exclusively for social media and video marketing. In fact, they’re excellent tools for communicating all types of ideas to your team and optimizing their performance.

There’s no denying the fact that audiovisual communication is today’s trading coin. Companies must consider it as a vital part of their internal communication strategies, and adapt to the times. 

After all, our need to communicate will never disappear. But the way we do it is in constant evolution.

If there’s something we’ve learned during these days of social distancing, is that using animated corporate videos for transmitting information, educating, and motivating will be increasingly more crucial. 

Don’t stay behind!

S. Rivero
General Producer

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