Animated corporate videos for internal communications (I)

At Biota Studios we are receiving increasingly more requests for animated corporate videos aimed at our clients’ employees and internal teams. But, is it truly effective to use them for a company’s internal communications?

If a considerable part of any video’s utility is its adaptability to the audience’s habits, then the answer is, undoubtedly, yes.

In the time of the video consumption boom, animated corporate videos seem to fit the taste and needs of any modern citizen. We are gravitating more and more towards audiovisual content to obtain information. Who hasn’t used a video tutorial to solve a technical issue? Is there any cooking aficionado who has never used a video to understand a recipe?

An employee will probably rather receive an important instruction or information through a video, than having to read a long, tedious dissertation.

And if it’s animated, even better!

Why use animated corporate videos?

When it comes to transmitting information, videos are practical, limitless, affordable, and effective tools, which are worth considering in your internal communications plan.

They’re practical since they can be used multiple times, reach a larger audience in no time, and act as an always-available source of useful information.

They’re limitless since they allow materializing virtually any idea, without being having to constrain to the laws of the real world. 

They’re affordable since they reduce the costs which usually derive from organizing on-site meetings, such as catering services, space rental, transportation, electricity, water, etc.

They’re effective when used to transform bulky and complex information into something friendlier and accessible. 

Need to communicate something to your team? Animated corporate videos can be your best allies to optimize your internal communications and obtain the desired results.

And why make them animated?

A very common fear amongst departments that wish to make animated corporate videos is that using animation will infantilize the message they want to convey.

Granted, it’s not a completely unfounded fear. Nowadays we tend to relate animation with content aimed at children.

We owe it to the introduction of the Hays Code back in the 40s. Animation, which until then had encompassed all sorts of adult themes, went through a swift process of appeasement. 

In the 50s, animation for kids dominated the TV spectrum, and the inalienable link between animated content and a young audience was permanently engraved in popular culture.

This might produce some uncertainty when it comes to selecting animation as the main tool for creating an institutional video.

However, Animation isn’t limited to the “caricatures” and morning “cartoons” we used to watch during the weekends.

In fact, the field of animation is wide and varied. It’s the ideal medium for materializing even the wildest and more complex ideas. Want to show a character flying through the air without having the budget of a Hollywood flick? Need to explain with full detail how a machine works, without investing in a shooting that will demand time and resources?

Make it animated!

Discover the types of animated corporate videos you can create and more. Read on in Part II.

S. Rivero
General Producer

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