Only “marketers” can make videos?

By “marketers” we mean marketing executives and related areas in corporations. We differentiate them from the rest of the employees who work in other areas, such as legal, finance, IT, HR, and a great etc.

The “marketers” are usually the ones in charge of the communications and making of videos, which is what interests us, but we think that all the departments would benefit from videos.

Sometimes Human Resources dares to invest in videos for their training and communications. But it is like an unspoken rule in corporations that only advertising, marketing and sales are allowed to make videos.

What does it depend on?

If all corporate communications (and human) are rapidly migrating to videos, how other departments of any corporation have no budget to produce their own videos to documents their processes?

Perhaps an IT department that needs to explain good practices against phishing to their colleagues, or how to build an effective password to avoid problems that would cost the company a lot of money, can’t communicate it with simple animated and direct videos?

Or the purchasing manager, who needs to document the processes for purchasing raw materials,  wouldn’t benefit from doing it in a video that his colleagues and suppliers could more easily understand?

Senior management has, on occasion, made videos for their most important presentations. Why only the most important ones? And how about the middle managers? Do not dream they can do it, even if the whole company benefits.

My impression is that everyone wants to make videos, but there is no budget.

So, as companies only invest in the most effective form of communication for customers and businesses, it appears that ONLY “marketers” can make videos and usage in other departments of the organization is dismissed.

I think there are a lot of missed opportunities by centralizing the production of simple videos in a department, when in fact anyone can promote the use of this tool and take advantage of it.

When I was in medical school in the 1990s, the WHO had a motto that looks like a list today: “Health for all by the year 2000.”

Although I undoubtedly wish health for everyone, I dream of this other motto being fulfilled: “Videos (easily animated) for everyone in 2020”.

To achieve that goal and not be left as the WHO, we must understand who are the “actors” that make the videos, but we will talk about that in the next article.

Reinaldo A. Mendoza
General Director

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