How many videos per year?

A study published by the prestigious automation marketing software firm Hubspot on companies in the US (2020), indicates that on average participating companies published eighteen (18) videos per month.

From this number we wanted to estimate how many videos corporations currently make in the US.

For the purposes of our exercise, we located the information of companies with more than 100 employees in the United States: 162,203.

We multiply the monthly number of videos by the number of companies, to estimate the number of monthly videos 2,919,654 and multiplying by 12 months we estimate the annual production of videos by corporations in the US  in more than 35 million (35,035,848).

Hubspot is a marketing automation tool, and the focus of the study was only on marketing videos. In our analysis we wanted to limit ourselves to companies with more than 100 employees, thus estimating companies that produce “professional” videos. Still we think that more than 35MM of videos is a respectable number. And if we try to project this figure around the world we think that the world’s corporations should not make less than 100MM of video a year.

The universe of the use of videos as a communication tool is today a huge market and is growing. Animated videos are an alternative that allows you to explain ideas precisely.

At Biota we want to be part of this wave of growth and we want to help companies communicate more and better using videos.

Biota team

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