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For no one is a revelation the power that audiovisual content has achieved in recent years and the growing trend that seems not to stop.

Social networks, online platforms, applications, emails, vlogs, are the spaces in which we expose ourselves to this content every day, in such a natural way that we can no longer imagine life without pressing a play button or waiting for a self-playback .

Their consumption beyond entertainment has permeated corporate organizations as highly effective resources to communicate ideas, products, services, internal policies, training, and much more. Not only because we know that videos work, but communicate better than other resources.

Video marketing continues to conquer

Corporations have understood very well the scope that a video can have and not by chance have made this format the main spreading tool in their content strategies.

They discovered in them a safe method to attract attention and connect quickly and effectively with their audiences. Audiences that demand stories that are easy to consume, digest and share.

Videos are a perfect tool to achieve greater commitment, not only for external communications but also for internal ones. A user will become more involved with a brand, a theme, a process when they talk about interesting, fast, and even personalized content.

If we add to these advantages that the videos also have a high return on investment, we will understand why 87% * of corporations bet on them as part of their communication strategies.

Videos are no longer an option for companies

In an era of networking,  interconnection and multi-channel users, you need to fight the battle to stand out. To the extent that the content connects, excites, and brings experiences that generate value, the mayor will be the interaction with our brand. That translates into the desired increases: awareness, loyalty, intention and purchase decision, traffic, conversations, CTR rates and stop counting.

The contribution of the video in these results is a powerful truth that many certify. They are no longer an alternative they become a priority.

Lisset Petoia
Executive producer

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