Animated video for all departments

Current dynamics in corporations makes it necessary to decentralize communication management.

Corporate communications and marketing departments have been so far a bottleneck in communication processes. In many cases for taking care of corporate guidelines (tone, form, etc.) and in others because they are the ones who have “the expertise” and the management of communication solution providers.

However, in the current organizational and labor framework, and accentuated with the situation of the pandemic, organizations need to communicate more and more effectively. Not only to communicate to customers, but also to the outside. Videos, and especially animated videos, become a tool that crosses the frontiers of marketing and is incorporated into the communication dynamics of corporations.

Today, a company like communicates the “compliance” standards to its employees through animated videos and through that same digital channel obtains their signature.

Retirement fund company AFP Habitat in Chile sends its clients an account statement in an animated video, but personalized with their data. The product development departments of mass consumer companies like P&G or Unilever perform 3D animations to present their projects to their internal audiences. Initiatives like those described aim to add value in a non-traditional way.

In 2020, any department in an organization should view videos (and especially animated videos) as a communication tool that can help generate value, decrease costs, shorten times, or improve sales.

Rafael Rojas Alas

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